Sunday, January 16, 2005

Celebrate Good Times

Sing with me children, "Cellll e brate good time, come on.. let's celebrate!" What are we celebrating you ask..... Not one, but TWO Dunkin Donuts shops have opened in Islamabad this week!!!

You can immagine my suprise a few days ago when I answered a knock at the door with, "What's the password?" (I knew it was the girls returning from a dinner with Chai.)
"Dunkin Donuts!" was the response.

I flung the door open with a cry of delight and grabbed the pro-offered bag. I rushed to the dinning room, calling Hubby to come share the booty. There in the bag was a chocolate frosted with toasted coconut and a strawberry jelly filled donut. We all eagerly shared the treat.

"What,I can't believe they already opened and I didn't even know it!" I had previously been planning to camp out in front of their door and be the first customer. I missed my big chance, but, this blog isn't about missed opportunities... it's all about the simple joys of the back home taste of commercial junk food. Yummmm!

So, bloggers, What's your favorite junk food delight?


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