Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Bogus in Bangladesh

Recently, Abez's email address was incorrectly printed as the reply address to letter in a Bengali matrimonial ad by a father seeking a match for his daughter in Bangladesh.

Her email box has been getting CV's and bio-data from hopeful Bengali men all week. It set me to thinking about what kind of man I should be seeking for my daughter, the real one not the bogus one in Bengladesh. If I were to place an ad as a matrimonial here is what I'd ask for -

Wanted: One Mr Perfect for my Ms Right;
Suitable candidates must have;

A body like Arnold
A mind like Stephen Hawkings
A sense of humor like Groucho Marx
A disposition like Forrest Gump
A business flare like Donald Trump
A great head of hair like Johnny Depp
Religious character like the Emir of Mecca

Though Abez is not perfect, every mother hopes to find the perfect son-in-law for her "Princess"

With my luck, however, there would be another mix-up by the newspaper copywriter and the ad would read -

Wanted: One Mr Perfect for my Ms Right.
Suitable candidates must have:

A body like the Emir of Mecca
A mind like Arnold
A sense of humor like Stephen Hawkings
A dispositon like Groucho Marx
A business flair like Forrest Gump
A great head of hair like Donald Trump
Religious character like Johnny Depp

My mailbox would be flooded with replies.


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