Friday, December 03, 2004

Google me, Baby

So, did you ever do a Google search of your name?

I did with some hilarious results. Carol _______'s of the world include:

One registered Afghan Hound. (No kidding! Maybe I should post Carol the dog's head in my pic above. Wouldn't that be hilarious.)

An elementary principal in the States. (Everyone, get off the computer and do your homework!)

One person in a group pic of a sing-a-long in Singapore (Very poetic, don't you think?)

A conglomerate of two porn stars whose names are Carol,________. (Oh my, what a difference a little comma makes!)

A statistician. (Soooo not me.)

A survivor of something or other. (Hey, I'm survivor of life in Pakistan and frequent international moves, does that count for something?)

And finally, the real me: Carol in Islamabad quoted in an article by a certain young writer, Abez.

Glad to know I exist in Googleland.

How about you?