Friday, November 26, 2004

T-Minus 12 and Counting

Today, Saturday is my unofficial Thanksgiving dinner here in Pakistan. It was postponed due to work on Thursday. It's 7 am and I've got twelve hours till serving time. This is a feast that takes 2 days of preparation. This year our menu reflects daughter Abez's newly perscribed anti-migraine measures of no chocolate, mint, cheese, soda-pop and nuts. Bummer!

Yesterday I made two pumpkin pies, from a fresh pumpkin! I just couldn't see paying the insane price of 150 Rs for a can of pumpkin big enough to make only one pie. (that's almost 3 US dollars) I did spring for a 150 Rs can of cranberry sauce, cause there are no alternatives available and it's tradition. We can't get fresh cranberries here, a pity because I love that fresh cranberry relish where you grind berries, an orange and walnuts together. Yum

Our turkey was 200 Rs per Kilo live weight for a total cost of 850 Rs. The local turkeys are so skinny, tough and boney compared to the ones in the States. The bird in the fridge looks like she has anorexia. I really like turkey and enjoy using the left overs for turkey soup and pot pie, but this little bird won't have any leftovers to give. She's gonna give her all just for the dinner.

Daughter-Owlie was the designated bird shopper. She takes her shopping and bargaining seriously. And besides, who is better at swooping in for the kill than our own preditory bird? She returned from shopping to tell a tragic tale of true love. At the market there was a pair of turkeys, Tom and Henrietta, she called them. When Henrietta was taken in the be weighted and killed Tom began to run around frantically calling and looking for her. Even the nearby Used Sweater-Walla (seller) commented sadly, "He's looking for his mate."

Last night, when I asked, " Who wants to make the turkey this year?" Owlie answered the call. It's time for my girlies to be initiatated into the Selective Society of Roastmasters.

I recently read that a traditional feast is around 4,500 calories! Yes, I really believe it too. Although Turkey is low fat and healthy, the meal is a glut of fats and carbs. Our turkey will be served with gravy, bread stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, bread and butter, glazed carrots, and cranberry sauce followed by a least two deserts, pumpkin pie with whipped cream or ice cream and date bread and gingerbread turkeys. Notice even the vegetables are glazed or sugared in some way.

For the past three years we've added gingerbread turkeys as placecards at the table. Each person gets his plate marked with a turkey with his name on it. You all know we LOVE gingerbread here. I made the dough yesterday and Abez did the baking and will do the decorating today. She is the official gingerbread decorator for the family.

Well, enough of blogging. I got some serious cooking to do. Let the festivities begin!


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