Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fly me to the moon...

Fly me to the moon...

Just a guick update before the Owl wakes up and falls into the computer chair. (That's what she calls "going to work") Some people have it so easy.

I'm over the initial stage of caffiene withdrawal. I've remembered to drink more water so the headaches are fewer. I'm getting my "will to live" from fat burner pills. They have some caffiene, but also contain other energy boosters like ephedra, cinnamon, ginseng, etc. I know the ephedra isn't healthy, but I only take 2-3 pills per day max instead of the 8 pills a day allowed for weight loss. I tried that dosage once and I was trying to clean the basement while floating on the ceiling: WAY too much caffiene for this girl to handle.

Doorbell: I sign off the internet to conserve our rapidly depleting bandwidth allotment. I run upstairs to answer the door, only to find a beggar. ***

I'm also trying to exercize daily, even just for 30 minutes if that's all I can handle. This is so lame, before we moved to Pakistan I walked 3 miles per day and didn't miss a single day for over 1-1/2 years. Now after 4 years of being a lazy bum, I'm weaker and really out of shape.

Doorbell: Again I sign off and run upstairs to answer the door, only to find a beggar. I'm annoyed at the constant interruption. I wish we had a security camera at the bell, but know it's too costly. I consider putting the dog on the front veranda, but realize she would look through the gate and bark not only at beggars who rang my bell, but at every man woman and child who walked past the house. I remember a friend of ours whose father was an engineer. He rigged a two button system for their door bell with a note written in English explaining that you must press both buttons simultaneously in order to ring the bell. Beggars, who can't read English, press only one button and nothing happens.***

Well, the newly awakened Owlie is at my elbow saying, "I have to work. I dreamed about donut. It was a nice dream."

I'd better get to work. I've got laundry to do... by hand! My washing machine is busted again! It breaks everytime I try to wash blankets. My hubby gets mad at me and asks, "If I get the washing machine repaired, how long will it work till you break it again?" My reply: "Till I have to wash the blankets." Vicious cycle. I'll count my laundry as my upper body workout and give myself a star on my chart.