Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The other day I met a new ex-pat American in Pakistan. After lunch we were making lady small talk.

Me: (Pointing to her youngest child ) So, was she born in Pakistan?

She: Yes.

ME: Oh, what hospital?

She: Oh she was born at home.

ME: Oh, I didn't know they did that here. My 4 kids were home births back in the States. Did you have a nurse-midwife or a doctor attend the birth?

She: Oh, it was an unassisted birth.

ME: (with visible shock on my face, 'cause my story of having 4 home births is usually the shocker.) Oh, my! Was that by choice or emergency? How did you do that?

She: My choice. I just went to www.unassistedbirths.com and read up on it. It was easy.

I can tell you I'm not used to being the conservative one when it comes to birth discussions, but I spent the next few minutes pleading with her to hire a doctor to attend her next birth this Spring, "Just in case something went wrong."

My next thought was, good grief; when I do a Google search on the most mundane subjects, I come up with nothing but dead links and here this woman types in something as bizarre as unassisted births and voila, a resource page for the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. I was both chagrined and impressed.

But then my weird little mind got to thinking, what other kinds of off the wall do-it-yourself site are out there? Could we find out how to murder your (spouse, boss, in-laws, ex)? Call me a cowdard, but I'm afraid to even check.

So, bloggers, what's the weirdest site you've run across, and remember this is a family blog. Keep it decent.

PS: The neighbor come over to console us on the recent theft of our car. It seems his stolen car recovered by the police....7 years later! Such cold comfort. I already didn't like the man.

Whaaaaa I want my car back now!

CALL FOR HELP: Starting tomorrow I have a new ESL student, a Japanese adult. While I've taught Japanese children before, I've never taught an adult. How do you get a Jahpahneezu pahsohn speakingu Ingurishu (and be not offended at the dialectic, it's from a linguistics book) to drop those added vowel sounds and pronounce their 'r' properly?