Monday, September 27, 2004

George Bush may have "Shock and Awe" as his motto, I have "Shock and Amuse" as mine.

Can you tell I got a new hairdo today?

Me and my hair have had a 50 year war going on and I occassionally win a battle, but I'm definately losing the war. Oh, who am I kidding, I don't even win battles. I'm being skunked. The score would be 100 to ZERO in hair's favor.

Last June, I went in for a "body perm" and came out looking like a trained poodle. Three months later the curl had relaxed slightly and was looking good, but the top was all flat. I decided two weeks ago I needed another perm. When I announced my intentions to my family I was knocked over by a resounding chourus of "No!"

Hubby spoke up, "Your hair finally looks good, really good, LEAVE IT ALONE! Everytime you get a new style you come home looking weird and crying and making our lives miserable." (Dang, when did he get so smart?) I had to agree. (I hate it when he's right.)

But... did I listen??? Not on your life.

Today, I pestered Abez to wake up before noon and accompany me to the "beauty" shop as my translator/handler. She reminded me of the aformentioned forgone conclusion, but I dodged her logic by telling her I was "maintaining" the current style. I just needed a little lift on the top.

Well, 4 hours and one very convoluted Amita Bachan movie later, I emerged from the shop with a new "perm" I had achieved the opposit of too much curl- the dreaded condition of TOO LITTLE CURL! The shopowner cautiously asked me if I was satisfied with my perm. What could I say, I was the one who told her to use the really big rollers?! I nodded and said it would take some getting used to. Traditionally, I don't cry in public, but come home to inflict my family with my tears.

Driving home I said to daughter Abez, "Well, at least I'm not a trained poodle any more. But now I look like a Medusa, with these loose and unruley snake-like tendrils slithering about my head."
Daughter Owl put in a word of comfort, "No, they don't look like snakes, more like noodles. BTW, can we have spagetti and meatballs for dinner?"

"Okay", I replied, but looked over to Abez, "Just watch my backside, I don't want her thowing meatballs into my hair."


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