Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I'm having an Alice In Wonderland moment.

Remember the scene where Alice dejectedly cries and sings to herself, "I give myself very good advice, but I rarely ever follow it."

Two months ago, I got a perm. It was way too curly and made me look like a trained poodle walking upright. I said to myself, "Carol, don't follow a bad perm with bright color, you'll look like a clown." But did I listen to myself..... obviously not. Now here I sit with curly mother-of Ronald-McDonald hair!

Tomorrow Hubby and I jet off for the ME and I wanted to perk up my dull hair color. I thought I would have to drive into the Blue Area to get a blonde shade of hair dye, but to my surprise, my very own G-11 Merkaz had shops with full arrays of colors. I very unwisely bypassed the sedate ash blonde for a lively Blonde Blush. Well, it looked good on the box and I've had strawberry blond hair before, but with this perm, it's really just tooooo much. If this is a blush, if must be a hooker's blush! Fortunately, I have time to try to correct my mistake. Tomorrow morning, with duputa firmly on head to hide the garish results, I'll humbly buy the ash blonde and hope my over chemicalized hair can stand another chemical assault without turning to straw.

Blogistan invades real life: Late last night I got a call from a fellow blogger W---- in Lahore. It turns out my girls had met his blogger sister a couple months ago, and he had just met Hemlock, who passed on our contact number. We're meeting in his home city. Now let's all sing "It's a Small World" a-one and a-two, and a-three......

Hubby and I bought the August Spider magazine to see the blurb about our own deGrouchy Owl. What proud parents we were to see our Owly mentioned as sharp witted and hysterically funny.


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