Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I can't believe I ate the whole thing- alert

Out running errands with hubby yesterday and bought a 1/2 kg bag of salted cashews. Aside from the few handfulls I magnanimously shared with hubby... I ate the whole thing!!! I tired to stop myself, really I did! When I got home, I nicely closed the bag and put it away, but throughout the day, I kept returning. All against my will, of course.
What have you fallen into lately only to rise from the bottom of an empty container and moan... "I can't believe..."

I view of yesterday's blog about laundry and mossies, I did ask my hubby to ask our mossie to help with the two baskets of pressing. I think my arm would fall off if I had to press all those clothes myself with our really heavy Pakistani iron. Man, that thing weighs a ton.

Oh Girlies... The boys have discovered the chocolate in the freezer. Zaman sits and eats frozen fudge with a spoon in front of the TV and Oleg enjoys the Nestle Treasures and thinks you should bring a suitcase of replacement chocolate back with you. I agree, but I know you are traveling on a low (no) budget vacation and will be completely broke before you return. Therefore, I'm shamelessly begging all of our known associates to "gift" me with chocolate when you are ready to fly home.

Next week is August 14th, Pakistan independence day. I'm wearing the enamel pin map of Pakistan with the flag and the logo of our friends at the RCMP. If anyone asks what the RCMP liaison is, I'll reply, I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. hahaha.


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