Monday, July 12, 2004

*cue music: The Boys are Back*

Yep, I was rudely awakened by the door bell at the unheard of time of 8:45 am. There stood two tired, hungry and sunburned 19 year old mountain trekkers. I've never been more happy to see two dirty, hungry people at my gate. This being Pakistan, I have dirty hungry people at my gate at the rate of about 3 per day.

My son came back with his built in tan activated to the max, but his poor friend a pale/pink Caucasian, looked like Lobster Man!!! Wow, I sent them two tubes of heavy-duty sunscreen and warned him about high altitude sun, but obviously, he didn't listen.

They had spent the last 12 hour riding in a bus standing up the whole time, no food and no rest. They promptly took showers and collapsed into bed. So I must assume they were too tired to even eat. (They're so cute when they're asleep.}

Hubby promptly restocked the empty fridge with boy appropriate foodstuffs. I'll pick up some chips and maybe even bake some brownies or gingerbread so they have suitable junk food to munch on when they awaken. Then I'll get their stories of their trip to the base camp of Nunga Purbit. This year is the 50th anniversary of the scaling of K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world, but all the activities for that program were a few miles away from where the boys were.

Yesterday, I walked one hour on the elliptical trainer and 45 minutes on the street. Wow, and good on me, as the Brits would say.

I've been going out with Hubby in the evenings as he drives the motorcycle with the dog, Wafadar. It's the highlight of our day. The dog bounces with anticipation, runs with gusto and fights with relish, with Hubby enjoying every minute of it.

The sight of a dog running along side a motorcycle such a comical and rare sight, that the neighbors call my husband the Dogman. He gets quite a kick out of it, and the dog enjoys running with the pack (so to speak). I provide expert information about dog behavior to help him understand what the dog does and why. Hubby didn't know that when Wafadar stops frequently to urination, that she is marking her territory. Every dog battle is to prove her status as alpha-female of the neighborhood. Every cat is a competing carnivore who must be chased out of her territory. Such drama, such pathos!!!


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