Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dear Bloggers,
It's Sunday evening. Here's my day in review.
I slept till 9:00am, checked my email, showered, ate breakfast of cold cereal, sewed two pairs of curtains for a church comunity service project, went to Church, did a good deed by giving a ride to an elderly lady, came home, made a huge lunch of left-overs, read, napped (official Sunday tradition) eat dinnerof a egg/cheese ang begal sandwitch, over-baked brownies (un-offical Sunday tradition that gets me yelled at by my big-fat-mean son who is trying to lose weight), ordered 5 books via internet, tried to keep angry large older son from yelling and cussing at stupid-disobedinet younger son via phone (unsuccessful),played Spin the Grandson, I spy, and Tickle Attack with my grandson Saify, watched Adam's world video "Prayer" 5 times while grandson-sitting as parents go for a walk, and wrote a lame blog.
Now I will do the dishes, read some more, write in my journal, say my prayers and go to bed.
All in all, a very usual Sunday.
How was your Sunday?


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