Thursday, February 26, 2004

Must post quietly...

I live in an Anti-blog home, so I must post the stealth blog

Here goes: *whisper*

But, I can't blog under such pressure, not the mention that I needa go and the pottyroom is occupied. The brain likes to think it is in charge, but really the other body parts are co-rulers of the body.

The feet let me know when they have had enough. If I don't listen to them they do nasty things like grow blisters. In cases of extreme distress and I ignore them, they get so mad my toe nails turn black and fall off. This is a slow and painful process that takes a few weeks. I mentioned to a co-worker that I once took a long walk and got lost and ended up with a 8 mile walk, then my big toe nails all blackened and fell off. She said here Mom was walking the Grand Canyon and did a 12 mile hike, and all her to nails fell out. Now I ask you, can the brain do any such mighty trick? Now I think headaches are the best the brain can do to complain.

Of course, the supreme ruler of my body is the stomach. He is evil and and makes me think I am hungry when I am fat and full of food. If you ignore the stomach scary things like fainting, cramps , ulcers all can happen. Unlike the feet who are lazy and complain only after too much work, stomach is constantly complaining and demanding. That is why he is evil. He wants more than he should have.

Well, gotta go. The bathroom is now available and the silent but sneaky supreme ruler of the body THE GUTS is demanding my attention or.... Consequences too disgusting to even think about..... Bye Now that's a terrible thought for the day.

This blog is a perfect example of quality, not quantity


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