Sunday, September 12, 2004

Owl here. Momma is up, up and away in the north these days, which is why there has been no update in ever so long. I think I’ll guest post for her, unasked. I’m nice like that ;)

Lets seeeeeeee, If mom was here she’d maybe write about the weather. It’s hot. Yucky hot. The kinda hot that all sofas and beds seem to absorb and reflect back at you. Times like this I’m thankful to God that I don’t have to be out laboring in this weather, and that I have a car to travel via, and fans in every room of the house. Praise be to God! (notice the secular version of Subhanallah here).

Our oven is still broken and without it we’re lost in the wilderness. We’re always having people over, or going over to teas and pitchins, and it feels like cheating to take something you didn’t make yourself. That doesn’t stop us though. We just pick up something from the local bakery and then complain roundly about how substandard it is. We know where our loyalties lie – with ourselves. Muwhahaha. :)

The *cough* grass they’ve planted in the backyard my mom has been hankering after for eons is finally turning from brownery to greenery. It’s not proper grass, but we’re going to ignore that. Funny how something that would be viciously attacked with herbicide and stuff in the States would be purposely cultivated here. We have curly green carpet of crabgrass in the backyard, and you know what, it’s lovely!

Well, that’s all the momma-inspired blogging I can manage. I don’t want to write anymore, lest I damage her readership with my brand of weirdness. In the mean time, you’re assignment, should you choose to accept, is to write momma a nice letter in her comment box. I’m sure she’ll appreciate them when she returns.


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