Thursday, September 02, 2004

Random Stupidity

I'm updating my blog 'cause it was depressing and I'm not depressed anymore.

We've actually been busy, socially, these past few days. We took Oleg out to the Food Court and ate typically badly prepared food. Oleg had a burger and fries, I had Afgani pilao. The girls had chat and slimy sweet and sour chicken. The chat was probably the only thing that tasted as it should. The girls told Oleg that if you want your food to taste like it is supposed to, stick to Pakistani stuff.

Yesterday blogger Hemi came up from Lahore and we ended up at a nice restaurant in F-10 called Italian Oven. I think everyone actually enjoyed their food and I think that is a first for dinning in Pakistan. The decor was very nice, but the menu was full of "Engrish" typos. I had Gralic Shrimp and soup. We were tempted to order the Maxigan Byrger, but passed on it. As I said, the food was good, but not worth the price. Home cooking Zindabad!!!

This afternoon, we had a girlie brunch. Unfortunately, Hemi's ride arrived before she could even eat. The girls packed her brunch to-go. (We missed your craziness, Hemlock. Hurry back and stay longer. That's an order.)

Went to work, and am getting 4 new students, possibly an ambassador. Abez has taught him before and says he's a terrible student who only wants to practice his spoken English, doesn't do his homework and misses class for weeks. I don't know if I could ever address anyone as "Your Excellency" with a straight face. I'm such an American. Hopeless really. I'll soon have 2 housewives, 2 diplomats and one ambassador as my students. Guess who are the best students... the housewives. They do their homework and rarely miss class.

It's relatively cool here nowdays. I actually had to roll up the window on my way back from work.

There are lots of sunflowers growing in the park nearby. I pick a fresh bouquet everyday. It's so nice to have their bright yellow faces smiling at me from the dinning table everyday. It makes me sad when they go out of season.

Very random.


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