Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm soooo embarrassed.

Last night, when we pulled the anniversary cake out of it's box, it said, "Happy 28th Anniversary"! Owl informed us that since we were married in '76, this was not our 29th anniversary. I feel as if I've been getting congratulations under false pretenses! *hangs head in shame*

It's not my fault that God made my brain with a defective memory chip. I wanted to send it back for an upgrade, but that involved removing and placing in a cardboard box! *ouch*

Hubby doesn't help either, infact, he exasperates the problem. Like the time I was 25 1/2 years old. I was a verrrry harrried mother of 3 pre-school children. He looked at me one day and said, "How old are you, 27, right?" I very innocently replied, "I am?! It seems like just yesterday that I was only 25." Now you may not believe any sentient adult could be so out-of-it or so gullable to believe such misinformation, but he was the one with the good memory and I was the faulty one, so I believed him. Well, it took me a few months before I sat down and did the math, and realized I was only 25, but by then the idea of being 27 was burned in my brain. For years, whenever I considered my age I kept forgetting I was not 27. I stayed 27 for about 4 years. Sad, but true.

So, with such a past history, it's pretty easy to believe I couldn't remember my own anniversary count.

We did have a good time. Hubby bought me a pink guava and a pomegranate tree. We planted them in the back yard. I'd like to wax romantic about pomegranates being a "passion fruit" and us and our grand-children enjoying the visable signs of our love for each other, but we're moving out of the country in a few months and will probably never see the fruit of either tree. Our ever-loyal doggie, Wafadar, tried to dig up the first tree while we planted the second. lol

The girlies returned that afternoon from a 5 day party-frenzy in Lahore. They were dehydrated, sleep-deprived and dead tired, but they brought flowers and a cake. The girls threatened, coaxed and banged the oven into working and we had pizza for dinner, followed by the cake.

For after dinner entertainment we played badmitten on the new backyard lawn. I'm sure the gardner will tell us to keep off the grass till it gets stronger when he comes tomorrow. The evening was topped with a mono-e-mono grudge match of scrabble which I narrowly won. I'm thinking tomorrow, I'll bust the electric curlers outa storage, and try to make my limp and lifeless perm-from-hell fried hair look presentable for a studio shot of the two of us.

Quick side note: As I was tooling about town today, I was passed by a black Suzuki Mehran that I sware was driven by General President Musharrif himself! All those helicopters buzzing overhead and VIP motorcades are just decoys. Now you know.


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