Sunday, October 03, 2004

Evryboddy sing.. ah one, ah two, ah three...I'm forever baking brownies.
How come there's no music notes on my computer. I'm always wishing I had music notes.)

All of Blogistan must celebrate two events with me:
1) My oven decided to start working after an long period of deciding NOT to work.

2) October, 4th is my 29th wedding anniversary.

So, as the smell of brownies gently wafts through the house, I am busy blogging. My hubby hasn't smelled the brownies yet. He doesn't approve of sweets, plus I've nagged him enough about his growing gut that he's finally on a serious diet. Months ago my oven developed a wilfull disposition. Sometimes it worked, sometines it didn't. Hubby insists that since it's an imported oven with the modern inconvience of a "Glow bar" the local repairmen here won't have a clue how to fix it and may do more harm than good.

Opps, I've been discovered! Hubby just called down,"Are you baking something, ten minutes are left on the timer."

I continue: So, we females of the house believed him to be right in this situation and we have stopped trying to use the oven because it stopped working. We really missed it too. Baking American sweets is a big part of who we are here. When we entertain we always have our own homebaked goodies. (Often I and the 2 daughteries each baked one item and we had a desert tray to rival any 5 star restaurant in Pakistan.) And of course, just how long can an American family go without homemade pizza? So, having a working oven is something TRUELY worth celebrating. *timer beeps*

I'm back after pulling a perfectly done tray of brownies, warm and aromatic enough to be called sensual, out of the oven. *scratch here*

Now on to celebration #2 - 29 Years of a racially, culturally and religiously mixed marriage! While it is truely a cause for celebration, it's also a time of reflection. Tonight at dinner I reminded Hubby of tomorrow's event. He said, "You don't have to remind me, 29 years ago I did something that changed my life."
I was about so appologize, but before I could he continued, "And I don't regret it. You do sometimes, don't you."

"Yes", I admitted.

The one great thorn in my side is that 29 years ago I married a wonderful Muslim man. He was(and is) the kindest man I've ever known and is still my best friend... (and here's the BUT) But, I thought I could convert him to my faith within 6 months. I've had to raise my kids as Muslim, a faith I have no belief in.
The only comfort I have, is he thought he would have me converted quickly too, but I've kept the faith, so to speak. OF all the mixed marriages I've known ours is the only one where both parents are active, faithful followers. Most of these marriages that last are between non-practicing partners, or one partner converts (at least socially) to the other's faith. In the case of a Muslim husband, the wife usually converts because it is a capital crime in Islam to convert to another faith.

Anyway, I try not to dwell on the negative, cause I got one of God's choicest men as my partner, friend and lover. And in spite of strong beliefs in different faiths, we love each other, support each other and try to stick together. That is really something to celebrate.

So, Diet Pepsi and brownies for everyone at my blog today.


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