Saturday, October 09, 2004

I've Been Dun Dirty!

Well, if you've been to my two daughters' blogs, you know the bad news that our tiny, adorable, wonderful, faithful, dependable car was stolen on Friday; from right in front of the mosque during Friday prayer!!!

One family member's reaction: "Somebody's gonna go to Hell for this one." My reply, "I hope not. I certainly wouldn't wish Hell on anyone just because they stole my car. Let's let God call this one." Crisis brings out the best in me.

It's gone and we have to get used to that fact. Sadly, we are seeing "our" car everywhere. Our silver-gray Suzuki Mehran is one of the most common cars on the road. Hubby and Zaman went out on motorcycle a few minutes after the theft was discovered and chased 5 of them.

Weirdly, less than 24 hours before the crime, I looked at our car, remembered that it was uninsured and thought to myself, "If that car gets smashed or stolen, we'll have a terrible time trying to replace it." Little did I know how true that premonition was. So, I think we will be carless for a while.

Hubby was talking about replacing the car, I nobly said, "Look, we're leaving the country in a few months where the cars are left-hand drive. Don't buy a new car. We can make do with the motorcycle and taxis." *cue the flood-lights, roses and standing ovation* Such a noble preformance.

The reality if being carless will soon wear the gleam off my noble ideals.
Wait till the boredom reaches ennui. Then I'll try to get out by taking taxis. The taxis in Pakistan are dangerously beat-up and broken-down cars with the worst possible drivers in a country full of the worst drivers in the world. It's like playing dodge 'em cars with real cars. No seat belts! No rules! No guarantee that you will reach your destination alive! No regard for human life! I'm truely NOT exaggerating!

We now have a Honda 125 motorcyle as our only family vehicle. Yesterday, Zaman and I were driving to the tailor. A herd of buffalo was crossing the road. Zaman started to pick his way through the huge black swaying bodies. "Be careful." I whispered into his ear. He could feel my body tense and my grip tighten. "You're afraid, aren't you." he shot back. "Yes" I replied. I was thinking about a time I was driving my car through a herd and got hit by a swishing tail through the half opened window. The car filled with dirt. It was all over our faces, in our eyes, in our lungs. As if he was reading my mind he said, "You know what's the worst thing; getting hit by the tail. You get dirt.


DIRT" he repeated a third time.

Yeah, I replied, nodding my head knowingly,"Dirt."


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