Friday, October 15, 2004

Now Playing: The Silver Bullet #2

Exactly one week after the car theft: Our missing '02 silver-grey Suzuki Mehran has been replaced with..... a nearly identical '02 silver-grey Suzuki Mehran! Pretty cool huh? I told you guys we drive the most common car on the road here. We really didn't go out looking for a matching car. A friend knew this car was for sale and since he can't afford it now, he suggested we buy it and sell it to him when we move to UAE in few months.

Should we name this car Silver Bullet #2. It's like a sequel.

Hubby's trying to decide on getting car insurance or an alarm system. (We can't afford both, so it's a tough decision.) He was opting for a system, but my rational was, "Look, theft and accidents are very common in Pakistan. We've just had a theft so with our luck that means a car-totaling accident is next, right. (*shudders* God forbid) You had better get insurance 'cause it protects against both events."

Bodacious Ramadan to all my Muslim readers. This morning, to commemorate our last family breakfast till after Eid, I made muffins and awoke the girls with calls of "Happy Mardi Gras!" They scowled at my enthusiastic declaration that today should be a day of dietary debotchery. I think we're supposed to eat all the eggs and butter or someting like that. I'm not Catholic, so I don't really know, but I'm willing to adapt and learn.

I gotta go drag the hubby out for a chaat or ice cream or someting in a Mardi-Gras-ish attempt to celebrate our last daylight eating. Oh, and steal a few daylight smooches. Whooo-hooo

I am the Queen of Cultural Confusion, dontyaknow.

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