Thursday, November 04, 2004

Take me to your Leader, Leader, Leader

Take me to your Leader, Leader, Leader

Lately, there's been a lot of news about world leaders. You may have noticed, I'm not a politically active person, but here are my thoughts about MY leaders.

Leader #1: America has a reelected George W. He's supposed to be the leader of the greatest democratic nation in the world and the de facto "leader by example" of the other democratic world leaders, but he's just a dangerous man with a supposed "mandate." Four more years of world chaos are ahead. I'm ashamed to admit, I missed the deadline for absentee voting so I didn't get to vote for the Non-bush candidate of my choice, but I was proud to see that my state, Illinois, voted for Kerry.

Leader #2: With Bush remaining in office, his local puppet ruler, General Musharraf, is assured of America's support for his political shenanigans. He's a leader in every area: leader of a successful military coupe, leader of the military, and the bogusly elected "democratic" leader of the people of Pakistan. It just doesn't get any better than that. People complain about his military uniform and his retaining the position as head of the military while supposedly being the elected "President" of the country, maybe he should just have a special suit made, half fatigues, half pinstripes. A new formal title of "General-President" should consolidate his power.

Leader # 3: With the upcoming family move to the UAE, I try to follow the UAE news. Just recently my future leader, Sheik Somebody-or-Other, the much beloved head of the UAE died. This August was my first visit to the UAE. I saw the many HUGE posters of His Highness and the google of royal princes that decorate the landscape. I don't know who erected them, but let us assume that these larger-than-life size photos are the result of the love of the people, not the humongous ego of the royal family.

Hubby's next of kin in the UAE, the husband of his brother's sister-in-law or his niece/daughter-in-law's auntie (Aren't Pakistani families so convoluted?) worked for the Sheik. He was His Highness's 15,000th employee and drove the ambulance that followed the aged Sheik everywhere he went. He attests to the belovedness of the deceased Sheik. When we departed Abu Dhabi we were laden with gifts from the couple, lovingly placed in the same plastic shopping bags (high quality plastic with durable nylon handles) bearing the royal insignia that the beloved Sheik had filled with gifts for his beloved employees.

So there you have it. I'm rich with leaders.

1st: A trampler of the US Constitution and International Law.

2nd: An abuser of the people's trust and destroyer of democracy in Pakistan .

3rd: The dearly deceased desert potentate who bought popular support with progress and prosperity while keeping democracy far from the masses.

Like I said, I'm rich in leaders, but poor in leadership.


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