Thursday, November 25, 2004

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

Thank God for Family and Friends

Today was American Thanksgiving Day. We didn't have the traditional celebration: 4,500 calories worth of turkey and trimmings. That's scheduled for Saturday. We celebrated the event as friends joined us for an impromptu pizza dinner. After dinner we played scrabble, with Hubby smashing all contenders with his 2 seven letter plays. After dinner chocolates supplied by Crayon found their way into a glass turkey candy dish, so we had turkey today after all- a chocolate stuffed turkey.

Apple pie warm from the oven topped with ice cream for desert further enhanced the holiday feel. We were all stuffed by the end. Who's a turkey now? I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book to Crayons rugrats. It was a cozy ending to a really nice evening. This evening's event was so satisfying, I'm tempted to not have a big dinner on Saturday.