Saturday, November 27, 2004

T -Minus 6 and Counting

It's 1:30. I've just returned home from a required meeting to find the girlies up and actively engaged in the t-day cooking. The turkey was out of the bag and sitting seasoned in the baking pan. I was SHOCKED by the sight. I asked Owlie, "What happened to our bird! She's all angles and points! That's the skinniest turkey I've ever seen in my life. Did they steal the breast meat when they were dressing her?"

Owl: "No, I checked. See, no cut marks. But where there is supposed to be meat, there's just skin. I think Henrietta was wearing falsies, 'causes she looked like a big bird when she was alive."

Me: "How much did she weigh?"

Owl: "Four kilos alive."

Me: "Well, I saw her alive two days ago and she looked like a good sized bird, but I know they don't fatten them up here. Oh, I thought she was 4 kilos dressed. She must weigh only 2.5 kilos now and it looks like it's all bone. I wish our digital camera worked. I'd love to have a picture of this collection of skin and bones. She looks like a deflated turkey balloon. I think turkey is going to be a symbolic presence this year, not a main course."

The Old Testament mentions wave offerings, where the meat is waved over the alter. We may have to wave this bird over the table and just smell 'cause I don't think there will be anything edible once it's baked.

Author's Note: The American celebration of Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration of Family and Friends and a time to thank God for his blessings in our lives. It's celebration does not include pride in our genocidal treatment of the American Indians or acceptance of our current government's atrocities in the name of the "War on Terror". Oue past national shames are only outdone by our current war crimes.


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