Monday, November 29, 2004

Creative Recycling or Play it Again, Sam

Pakistan, being the poor country that it is, uses, reuses and re-reuses everything till it dies. Then they resurrect it and use it again. Here are two cases in point. Last year I saw a photo of a computer cpu being used as a barbeque grill. Yep. Its metal shell was all aglow with charcoal and complete with kebobs.

Recently I've seen some very creative uses of old CD's. Of course, there's the classic Koranic verse on the CD which every taxi in Pakistan must sport from the rear-view mirror. But recently I saw a bicycle covered with CD reflectors. And just two days ago I spotted a new and very interesting upgrade of that use: A motorcycle licence plate printed on the CD. It's the licence plate that reflects too! It was no hand painted job either, so I'm thinking there must be a cottage industry growing to make these things.

So Blogistanis, seen any good recycling lately?


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