Thursday, December 02, 2004

"I feel like Eriza Doorittle"

Just returned from a class with a new student, teaching the middle L sound with the paragraph mentioned in yesterday's blog, so if you haven't read it yet, skip down and read it first.

Today was our very first class. My new student is a professor teaching Japanese here in Pakistan. She has very good pronounciation. On the initial pronunciation test, she nearly got a perfect score by very carefully reading the word lists, but when she started to read page 1 from the book, she began to substitute R's for middle L's. English became Engrish, finally-finarry, realize-rearize, police-poreece.

Ah ha! I had just taught this lesson yesterday! We rifled through the book to chapter 5 and I taught the chapter on the American L sound. Earlier this afternoon, I had preboiled two rupee coins, but had forgotten them at home. I told her this exercize calls for a coin in the mouth and with a look of horror on her face, she replied, "No, not Pakistani money!" I'm not sure she would have even agreed on the boiled coins if I had remembered to take them. We resorted to candy wrappers again. Halfway through the lesson she takes her candy wrapper out of her mouth and laughingly says, "I feel like Eriza Doorittle."

"Professor Higgins" returned home triumphant to boast of another success to her family, but before I would begin Abez asked, "Why are there two rupee coins in a pot on the stove?"


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