Sunday, December 12, 2004

I'm a Poet, doncha know?

While having a delicious South Indian fish dish made by the very hands of fellow blogger, foreign wife and Isloo-ite, Crayon, one of us complimented the fish and asked what kind it was.

"Well, the man told me if was salmon, but it isn't pink is it?" she replied.
"Ha!" I laughed, "Every fish is salmond and every fabric is silk here."

We all laughed knowing how true that statment was. Any item you show interest in is, "Imported, all the way from Taiwan, Baji" (respected sister) And comes at a "Special price, just for you Baji." (The "special price" is three to ten times the going rate depending on how foreign, rich, gulliable or desperate you look.

This morning as I was driving to church the words "every fish is salmon," came to my mind and in the spirit of EE Cummings famous Cow cuplet, I completed a short poem while navagating a round-a-bout in 4th gear and driving like a hellion through Islamabad traffic.

*uhhhhmmm - pauses dramatically while all of Blogistan settles down and turns all eyes forward.*

Buyers and Sellers:

Every fish is salmon, and every fabric, silk
Every stone a diamond, if you're of the Seller's ilk.

Carp is every salmon, cotton every silk
Stone is every diamond, if you're of the Buyer's ilk.

You may now applaud madly, and post cyber roses at my blog. However, I expect KNICQ's poet alterego Yawar to Fed-Ex me 2 dozen roses from Dubai and pledge to be my first and most devoted mureed (disciple).