Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Queen of Fusion Confusion strikes again

Too much Spider Solitare can rot your brain. Yep, without a blog, that's how I spent my time unwisely. There are two things I do to keep my brain from closing down and shutting off: the newspaper's daily crossword, and blog. My mind needs all the stimulation it can get.

Can't blog long now, it's dinner time. I cooked dinner today... it's a fusion dish of thinly sliced onions browned in a scant amount of olive oil. Then chopped garlic was added, then thinly sliced zuchinni,tomato slices, lemmon, salt and (the secret ingredient) the sauce from the leftover chicken korma from lunch. I don't know how it will taste. It's a beta recipe. It's supposed to be a cross between curry and a salad. Wish me luck and pray for us please, Dear Bloggers.


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