Friday, March 25, 2005

Second Wives

The family was surprised last week to hear the cries of a newborn baby coming from our upstairs tenant's apartment at all hours of the day and night. The tenants have been living here for four months, long enough for us to notice if the wife had been pregnant. We mused among ourselves, "Do they have houseguests?" The astute Owl, guessed, "I think he has a second wife." I dismissed the idea, but a couple of days later, Hubby met the husband who announced he had a new child. Hubby incredulously asked how, and the man innocently asked answered, "Oh, didn't I tell you? I have two wives!" Had he asked that question of me I would have replied, "No, just like you didn't tell us you had five kids before you moved in."

Now we are trying to guess how many kids are living upstairs. It seems that since wifey number two has delivered, she and wifey number one will rotate between the husband's parents home and the upstairs apartment. So now, after finally getting wife #1 trained to please not use the front balcony as a garbage-launch or a laundry line, I now have to train wife #2 to the house rules.

And speaking of second wives: my husband has taken a second wife. Although he still sleeps with me, he spends all his waking hours basking in her glow. He is totally mezermized and intrigued by her. She's not a new love; actually he knew her long before he married me. They grew up together, and were childhood sweethearts, so how much can I complain? I'm lucky to get a meal with him before he runs back to embrace her. He won't run errands for me, he's neglecting the restaurant, and he has abandoned our children.

I thought after 25 years of living with me in American he may have forgotten her, but I was wrong. Moving back to Pakistan my husband has rediscovered his first love. Her name is Cricket and she is my enemy. Why do I put up with this treatment? Because I know her days are numbered… Win or lose, India or Pakistan, she will go and I will stay once the last ball is bowled, she's out of here.


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