Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Dream Come True!

Easter eve, after spending many hours decorating over 100 large sugar cookies, I went to bed dead tired and had an Easter related dream. I dreamt that it was the day after Easter and I was buying Cadbury's cream eggs at mark down rates (many of my dreams involve serious bargain shopping, something that doesn't exist here in Pakistan and I really miss). They were displayed in a large tin box, and since there were only a few left, I planned to buy them all and get the tin for free! Such a deal! The next day as we ate our Easter lunch I related the dream and we all laughed and sighed, wishing we had Cadbury's eggs to mark the day.

On Monday we went to visit Dawn, a fellow American married to a Pakistani who and recently returned to Pakistan to visit her in-laws. Dawn very sweetly brought a goodie bag of chocolates, adorable cookie cutters, a very pretty oven mitt and kitchen towel set, and Cadbury's chocolate cream eggs! It was almost as if my dream had come true. I got Cadbury's eggs on the day after Easter. Weird huh?! And, dear reader, to top it all off she even included some PEEPS. Now, if you've been reading my blog for a while you will know I LOVE those silly little marshmallow candies. They make me happy just looking at them.

Dawn is an awesome gift giver. Each item in the bag reflected a hobby or craving the girlies and I share such as cookie baking and serious chocolate consumption. I envy such a great skill. I am not and will never be a great gift giver for several reasons: #1: I'm a damned cheap skate. #2 I'm always clueless as to what people like. #3 I can never remember any birthdays (not even my own family's,) anniversaries, etc. so I am always caught off guard. #4 I hate shopping in crowded stores, so I even stink at Christmas gifts.

Ah well, at least I'm a good gift receiver. Boy was I ever grateful for those eggs and peeps and I let Dawn know it. And if she doesn't know yet, she does now. Thank you!


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