Monday, August 29, 2005

25 Things about me, Me, ME!!!

On Friday, I dutifully, sat down to type a blog update. I pounded away at the keys for over an hour on a piece about how I never know the day or date since moving to the UAE because I go to church on Friday instead of Sunday and that throws my whole mental calendar off.

When I finished my piece I asked my live-in editing troll, Owl to please edit it for me. She read it, grew angry because I hadn't even spell checked it myself and declared it confusing and pointless. I told her to save it as a draft and I would fix it later. Yesterday, I returned to blogger to find she had deemed it unworthy, rejected it and deleted it! Wow, how's that for personal editing service!!! No more waiting for a politely written rejection letter from a publisher... she delivers personal rejection right in your face. She didn't even request a Rejected AND Deleted!!!

I hate to attempt to rewrite something I've lost. So, instead of trying, I'm stealing Abez's idea that she stole from ICU Baji: a list of 100 things about me. Like the lazy Abez, I shall also offer mine in installments. I am supposed to be doing other things here like cooking and cleaning and laundry and applying for a job... but I blog because I am.

My List of 100 Things About ME by Carol/daMomma

1. I'm left handed

2. I delivered all four of my children through natural homebirth.

3. I have my Father's lovely blue eyes, and whenever I look deeply at them, I see him in me.

4. I have 2-1/2 years of college and have nightmares about not being able to finish my education.

5. I've a very quiet and very reserved person to all but my family.

6. I like, no I love, no... I live Chocolate.

7. I dabble in self herbal medication... sometimes with weird and disasterous results. Ginger induced personal earthquakes anyone?

8. I love to read children's books.

9. I am a strange mixture of quiet, reserved and very childlike.

10. I am a Wicked Sloth-monkey... someone who is slow to good, but quick to make mischief.

11. I'm such a rotten speller, I couldn't win a 3rd grade spelling bee if my life depended on it.

12. Yellow makes me happy. Yellow flowers, yellow shopping bags, even yellow shopping bags on the ground trying to pass themselves off as yellow flowers will make me smile.

13. I've lived my life in a mental haze. I never could remember names, faces or numbers.

14. I'm a Latter-Day Hermit.

15. I talk to machines, giving them both praise and threats as needed. It works too!

16. I personify the inannimate. I realized I had inadvertenly passed that on to my 3-year-old grandson when one day I heard him call out: "Shoes, where are you?"

17. Exclaimation points should alway come in sets of three!!!

18. I have 4 beautiful and healthy adult children; two sons and two daughters, now add 2 grandsons and one wonderful daughter-in-law and one equally wonderful son-in-law. One irreplacable husband.

19. I am fifty-one-derful years old.

20. I've moved 30 times in my life.

21. I've perminately moved to Pakistan twice.

22. I've permenately repatriated to America twice. This is my first permenate move to the UAE.

23. I've had my entire household and personal belongings reduced to 2 suitcases per person twice.

24. I refuse to do it again. Now whenever I move, it's a full sized shipping container or I'm not budging.

25. I'm a displaced Hoosier-Chicagoan.

That's the first installment. Spell check isn't working, my editing troll is at work, so you get a live sample of my creative and wacky spelling.

Now I have to stop being a wicked blogging sloth-monkey and pretend to be a hardworking homemaker.


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