Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm Baaaaaack. Be afraid: Be Very Afraid

Bloggers, you won't believe this, but we finally have internet access at home!!! Amazingly, I installed it myself (with the help of Abez over the phone and tech support!!!) Abez took me as far as she could and then convinced me that I wasn't too stupid to call the provider's help desk.

Oh Happy Day!!! No more schleping through the 106 degree heat and sand of Sharjah in the summer to the busy internet cafe with slow connections, smelly people and cockroach infested keyboards!!! (Today is a great day for exclamation points.)Under those conditions, I checked my email and blog about once a month. Now, there will be hourly updates and emails to friends all over the globe!!! House work will be neglected, laundry will pile up, homecooked dinners will be replaced with delivery sharwarma and fatayer (Arabian style sandwiches and pastries). Bathing and clothes changing will be abandoned. I probably won't leave the house till December... muwwa ha ha... Such plans I have for personal wreck and ruin!!!

Oh dear, I just realized that if I follow that plan of action, soon my house will resemble the internet cafe I loath so much with it's dirty plates and glasses, cockroaches and smelly people. Perhaps there is something to be said for moderation.

I realize this is a poor excuse for a blog entry, but take it or leave it. Now I'm off to catch up with a month's worth of emails.


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