Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where's the Pied Piper of Hamlin when you need him?

Can you guess by my desperate question that we have MORE hamster babies? Large Hulking Son made the discovery late last night. Now the original two hamsters brought into the house by Owl and LHS in October have multiplied and multiplied again. The original two had 6 babies. I found homes for two of them and then we had 6 adult hamsters which we tried to separate by gender into two separate cages. Somehow, there as a serious error in gender identification and a male was put into the female cage by mistake.

Last month another batch was born. Six of the eight survived making a total of 12.

Last night we noticed another batch of newborn babies, again 6, giving us a total of 18!!!

Help! Help!! HELP x18!!!

Apartment wise: Today the new apartment got water and electricity! We are ready to complete the move! Yeah!!! Even my beloved water bed is up and ready thanks to my hard working Husband. I soooo want to be there right now, but we have to wait till the morning. We just have to move the electrical stuff, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, water cooler, our mattresses and small amount of clothes, computer table and kitchen table and chairs. Everything else is already at the Ajman apartment and ready.

Today we worked in the apartment later than usual since we had electricity and we were treated to a beautiful panoramic view of sunset over Sharjah. It was georgious.
I'm loving this place and I think I could love being a high-rise dweller.

I'm still a little nervous about being in a high-rise. Every time my chair jiggles I think it is the beginning of an earthquake. It will take me a little while to feel secure on the 16th floor. It also feels like I'm being a snob when I meet new people in the elevator and they tell me which apartment they live in and I say we are on the top floor. I've never been a snooty "one-upmanship" kind of person but that's what it feels like.

Congratulations: Everyone who has read this page will now be rewarded with an adorable hamster. Just leave your mailing address in the comment box and a live hamster will arrive postage due via airmail in just a few days!


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Amira said...

I shouldn't have sent you my address...

Glad you're almost ready to move in! Although I wouldn't much like living in a high-rise either.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Carol said...

Muhaahahah (evil laugh) Yes, I have your address and a box of hamsters will be arriving any day now.

Actually, the momento I mentioned wanting to mail to you got packed before I could find a box for it, but I noticed it was unpacked yesterday. Now, I just have to be on the look out for a box that will hold it (and 17 hamsters).

At 7:41 AM, Blogger s'mee said...

Yea! Water! Electricity! A View!

I am sure once the neighbors get to know you they will feel jealous of nothing more than having to wait to have you as a friend. If they still feel you are snooty, give them a nice welcome-basket filled with fresh fruit, perhaps a book, a nice little doodad, and a hamster!

At 9:07 AM, Blogger David B. said...

Nice Try, Carol!

Perhaps I could interest you in a bird. We have 6 parakeets and 1 cockatiel! Way too many for my taste.

Our dog is not up for grabs though -- I call him Gilligan, because he is my "little buddy".

Actually, the cockatiel is not up for grabs either. That bird spends half its day on my wife's shoulder. It's a jealous bird too! When I try to bend over and give my wife a kiss when the bird is on her shoulder, the bird starts hissing and snapping at me!

I'm glad to hear you are getting settled into your new apartment. I've never even thought of living in a high rise. That must be quite an adjustment. Beautiful sunsets should help to ease the transition though.

At 1:20 PM, Blogger Knicq said...

So, I waited a few days before I commented here...just wanted to be sure you'd given away those white wallahs, as TQ likes to call all your hamsters, before I commented...

I have an idea about gifting a hamster to a family at every floor, that should leave you with no more than 2 hamsters...or three at case you end up gifting yourself a hamster too...!

Did you remember to leave a hamster in your old apartment...?

There's just the one concern...with 16 hamsters in your own new building, and intermarriages and divorces followed by more intermarriages, the building will be swarming with hamsters...humans will be the pets then!

At 2:41 AM, Blogger hemlock said...

ive never cared much for hamsters really... at the end of the day... they are much like rats. and im not too fond of rats.
you gotta stop breeding those hamsters momma...

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Marti said...

I recognize what a situation you are in, but I had to laugh at your delightful telling of the tale!

Best of luck to you.

I mentioned that I don't have a miling address, didn't I? LOL

At 2:24 AM, Blogger Abez said...

I want mine covered in chocolate please. :)

At 10:17 AM, Blogger BaptizedLucifer said...

lol, hamster and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast, hamster nihari for lunch and hamter bbq for dinner! yum yum! (i can imagine the horrified look on owls face lol)

i've asked almost everyone i coudl think of, but no one wants hammies. :S

16th floor, throw em all off from their, see who hits the ground first :D

lovely apartment. two kids with two very messy rooms!

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

can i have a free hamster

E-mail me on

At 5:20 AM, Anonymous Noko Koko said...

i would very much like a nice little girl hamster, (fur colour is not a problem). i would happily share my peanuts with her and i would honour her and protect her, and bite any intrusive little fingers that tried to pinch or poke her... yes, i am indeed a Hamster myself.
look forward to hearing from you,
yours respectfully,
Noko Koko
p.s. please deliver her to crayons house

At 1:00 PM, Blogger Mary A said...

If you are patient, Carol, you will soon have the hamsters given away. (Please not that I am NOT sharing my address!) I'll bet they're sweet though. I just don't want any pets right now.

Perhaps lessons in hamster anatomy might be in order--for separating the girls from the boys.

Best wishes and congrats on your new home!

Mary A.

At 7:07 AM, Blogger Marti said...

Hope settling in is going well for you by now!

I don't know why, but Blogger has locked me out of my old blog. It still accepts comments, but I can't get it to publish anything new, or make any changes to the template. I even attempted to use FTP to upload it to my domain, but that also failed.

I struggled with it for days, writing letters to Blogger Help and Support, all for naught, so I’m starting over at: Enter the Laughter Redeux

Trying to notify all of my previous links. Trying not to think evil thoughts - LOL

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Marti said...

Happy Groundhog Day!

I hope something wonderful ‘pops up’ for you today! LOL

At 12:40 AM, Blogger leanordmartinez23835477 said...

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