Saturday, December 24, 2005

Perpetual Motion Strikes Again

Well, Carol in Perpetual Motion is about to pull another move.

In just a few days, a hundred packed boxes and many sprained muscles away, we will be moving into our freehold condo in Ajman. Freehold is the local expression for property that can be purchased by non-UAE citizens. You pay a ridiculously high price (about 3 times normal rates) and you get permenate residence here in the Land of Sand-the UAE.

Due to escalating property rates in Dubai and lack of freehold property in Sharjah, we are moving even further from work in Dubai to the tiny overgrown village of Ajman-Armpit of the UAE. Abu Dhabi is the head of the UAE, Dubai is the Heart, Sharjah is the Bedroom and Ajman is the bedroom closet.

So, Christmas has been canceled. The decorations I put up two weeks ago will be the first things to be packed away. Let's hope the phone and internet lines are quickly transferred, but I will be nothing short of shocked if they are. (Notice I didn't mention TV cable since I HATE TV and all Husband Friend does these days is watch Cricket!!! Scowl-evil looks-and a pox on cricket players and watchers everywhere!!!)

I can't blog much. I have to get some more cleaning and packing done before de Grouchy Owl gets home,looks around disapprovingly and asks what Husband and I have been doing all day besides eating and watching TV. Some kids are so hard to please.


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