Friday, November 04, 2005

Lifelong Dream turns Nightmare

Today my husband’s lifelong dream of riding a jet sky was fulfilled. We went down to the Dubai creek where they have rentals and he and Large Hulking Son (LHS) took a spin. Owl and I watched from the shoreline till they returned and beckoned us to join. Owl then took off as the passenger with LHS driving. They soon returned and Owl took the driver’s seat and I climbed on the back. She took off on her first driving experience with me hanging on for dear life. She jerked and roared and I slipped and screamed. Every time she lunged, I nearly slipped off and pain shot through my hip joints. What can I say… is it my fault that I’m a 52 year old with the hip joints of a 75 year old?

After just 5 minutes of me yelling, “I’m falling! I’m falling, go slower.” She didn’t have enough experience or control to start off slowly and it was lung, and pause, and lunge and pause the whole time. We limped back to the dock where I disembarked. I didn’t kiss the shore, but it was tempting. I’m really not a chicken. I enjoy motorcycle rides, but her jerking the gas lever kept dislodging my grip, making me slip each time and she wouldn’t stop long enough for me to regain my seat. She really nearly dropped me with me screaming the whole time.

Sooooo, my husband’s dream became my nightmare. He always fanaticized about us riding jet skis together, but I think I’m done.


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