Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Life Without Parole

It's been a very busy 24 hours. First of all, last night around 10 pm Owl gets a call from Abez's Husband Friend telling her that Saudi has cited the Ramadan moon and tomorrow is Ramadan! Owl, is shocked since she spent the day writing a story about how Ramamdan is probably 2 days away. After abruptly ending her call with HF, she calls her boss and I hear those famous words, "Stop the presses!" spoken for the first time in real life. She then rushes down to the neighborhood coachroach infested computer cafe (from whence your own daMomma is now typing) to bravely rewrite the story. She got her first front page byline this morning! "Oh, You Go, Girl!"

Then later that same night, well technically early the next morning, after many hours of delay, my Husband Friend (Boy Friend, Soul Mate) arrived. We got him home just in time for the first serhey of Ramadan. I was so glad to see him I hugged his neck and sang, "My Boyfriend's back He's gona save my reputation. Hay la Hay la, my boyfriend's back." Well,my reputation isn't at risk, but my sanity is. HF will deal with the ferral Large Hulking Son (LHS).

Today my HF and I celebrate 29 years of marital bliss, confusion, weirdness,and strife! Yes, Dear Reader, start sending those cyber roses right now, this is something to celebrate. This morning I mused, "Wow, 29 years, that's like a life sentence!"

"I'll give you 30, one extra for good behavior. Do you want released?"

"No, I think this is life without parole."