Saturday, October 01, 2005

Mozerella Meltdown

I've known my computer was infested and needed "exterminated" for a few days, but can't get Large Hulking Son to disconnect it, tote it to the car so I can deliver it to my Large Hulking Son-in-Law with techie knowledge to fix.

LHS said he could do the "extermination" himself and downloaded a spyware detector. It came back claiming we have no infected files. If we were still in Pakistan, I'd say the bugs have bribed the spyware, but here in the UAE, such blatant bribery is unknown. Anyway... to make a short story long... this morning my internet connection quit on me. I frantically called my family techie support desk, Abez for help. "My mozarella had a melt down and now I can't get on the internet!"

"Are we talking about pizza?"

"No, computers. You know; that firefox mozarella thing that talks to the internet for me."

"Oh, you mean Mozilla Firefox! Bring us the computer and we'll reboot it."

I'm so glad to have tech support that speaks Caroleze.

Oh, yes... I'm the proud great-grandmother of 5 hamster babies!!! Owl's newly aquired hamster couple delivered their first litter. Did you know the gestation period of hamsters is only 16 days?

Well, I didn't, but I know it now. The five hairless and sightless babies are about half as big as my little finger. Good grief, the combined weight of the five babies must be nearly as much as the mother! No wonder she was sucking up every scrap of food like a hoover. The poor father is an underfed weakling compared to her. Owl is delighted by her new pets and we are all anxious for the babies to get old enough to be cute and adorable and full of mischief.


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