Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Neither Thief nor Bull

There is a joke told by Pakistani's about the notoriously cruel and corrupt law-enforcment agencies.

President Musharrif is visiting George Bush at his Texas ranch. Dubbya is looking sad and tells Mushy that a few days ago his prized bull was stolen and the police, FBI and CIA are unable to track down the thief or recover the bull.

Mushy sees his chance to impress Dubbya and announces he will put his Pakistani law-agencies to the task.

A few hours later, two badly beaten Pakistani men stand before the two presidents.
Bush asks the first man who he is. He replies, "I am the thief who stole your prize bull. Please forgive me." George flashes a thumbs up to Mushy.
He then turns to the next man and asks who he is.
"I'm the bull," he replies.


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