Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mrs. Abez Takes a Vacation

Yesterday Mrs Abez came home for a visit. She rushed into the house,hugged me and then ran into the kitchen and started opening cabinat doors. "What a wonderful collection of white people food! she gushed. "Ooo, cereal... what no kid cereal? (Large Hulking Son eats it as fast as I buy it.) Peanutbutter! Chocolate syrup AND chocolate fudge! Wow,homemade cookies! Three kinds on hotdogs!" she mumbles through the ginger snap in her mouth as she opened the freezer.

"What are you doing?" I asked. "Do you lead some kind of junk food deprived life with your in-laws?" She reminded me that her Husband-Friend doesn't like peanutbutter, her in-laws are't fond of sweets and H-F tries to prevent her from eating the foods that give her migrain headaches: chocolate, cheese, nuts, and mint.

That night she stayed up girl-talking with Owl till 3 am. The next day she slept late, brunched leasurely, and napped in my waterbed in the afternoon.

In the evening we walked out to Baskin Robbins after dinner. While I was in an ice-cream-31-choices-induced-stooper, I failed to see what Abez was ordering. As we sat down at the table I noticed with horror she had a scoop of MINT CHOCOLATE-CHIP ice cream with FUDGE SAUCE, PEANUTS AND WHIPPED CREAM (not a migrain trigger, but an upset stomach starter for Abez)!!!

"Abez," I gasped, "What are you doing...three migrain triggers at one time!!! You're head will explode! Your husband asked me not to let you eat trigger foods and I assured him I wasn't tempting you with any. Now you're cheating on your husband with an ice-cream sundae!"

"I know what she's doing. " the ever wise Owl explained. "She's doing what you used to do all those years we went to Grandma's house."

"Oh yeah," I replied dreamily. A hazy mood of fond recollection overcame meas I recalled my trips to my Mom's house with my 4 kids. I would hit Mom's house, race with you kids to see who could eat all the junk food and chocolate in the house first, and do all the things I couldn't do at my house because I was the Mom. I'd watch hours of movies, sleep late, camp out in the reclining chair and read for hours. My parents' house was almost the exact opposite of my home where tv time was strictly monitored and limited, junk food was kept to a minimum and there were never chocolate-filled candy dishes. Basically I became my mother's child again and took a vacation from rules, diets, strict limits and from being Mom of my own 4 kids.

Mrs. Abez doesn't have any kids yet, but I think she needed a vacation from adult life. This morning when we were leaving the house to drop Owl at work and her at home, she confirmed my suspecions. As she was going through the cabinats again, she said, "I'll be back in a few weeks when I need to relax, roll around in the waterbed, eat junk and be a lazy bum for a day."

God bless her. She is her mother's daughter.

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