Monday, September 19, 2005

IKEA Motorworks

Owl and I were out and about running errands in the car this morning. As we were negoiating the Clock Tower roundabout in Sharjah there was an Ikea truck in front of me. He wanted my lane, I wanted his, "Come, on Ikea, switch with me, I'm giving you space here." I said aloud.

Owl looked up from the newspaper she was reading and said, "Sounds like that car company...what's it called, oh yea... KIA. My arab driver instructor calls them Ikea. I think it's cute and I've never corrected her."

We shared a laugh and considered what an Ikea car would be like: Of course, it would be very affordable, would have great seats with washable slip covers and IT WOULD COME UNASSEMBALED IN A CARDBOARD BOX.

We were enjoying our joke immensily. "There's a blog in this. If you don't use it, I may steal it." Just then, I looked to the car to my left, a white mid-sized 4 door with an Ikea sticker on the back windshield. We both gasped at the coincidence. "Look, there's an Ikea car!!! We've been making fun of your instructor, but now the joke's on us. They really do exist!"


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