Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Help... I'm turning into an ARAB!!!

Help... Someone call the American Embassy and have me rescued by the US Marines...I'm turning into an ARAB!!! Although not a bad thing, it shocked me that it was happening so quickly!

I just did my third visa run to Oman this week so that means I've been in the UAE for 6 months. How could it happen so quickly?

The first step towards my arabization began only a few days after I arrived here. I began drinking Luban UP. (Warning sign #1) Luban Up is salty yogurt drink that comes in a little blue paper carton. Everyone here drinks it from the Sheiks to school children to the humblest unskilled laborers. I tried it and found it to be like a salty, instant version of Lassi (South Asia's version of yogurt milkshake) made and enjoyed by my family. I tried to convince my family of its merits and familiar taste, but they refuse.

This morning while alone in the apartment and blog surfing in my pj's I paused long enough to step into the kitchen to get a box of Luban Up. I shook it and opened it, remembering how just last night I made a special late-night trip to the grocery store to restock my dwindling supply. (Warning sign #2)

A few minutes later, my rumbling tummy told me that my hunger-monster had awakened and was demanding breakfast. I found myself staring into the opened fridge. Not much there. I spotted some hamburger buns and remembered some herb flavored cream cheese hiding in fridge netherlands. I sliced open the bun and spread a modest amount of cream cheese, fully intending to close the bun and walk away… but the hunger-monster growled his disapproval so I spread a thick layer on the top half and took a hasty bite. Ummmmm!

With my cream cheese sandwich in one hand and my glass of Luban Up in the other I walked towards the computer. "This is what the cream cheese commercials on the TV always show as a typical Arab breakfast. I always thought a cream cheese sandwich for breakfast was rather unhealthy and gross but it is tasty." (Warning sign #3) It was then that the full picture of my situation struck me. I looked down at myself and realized the full situation: cream cheese sandwich in one hand, Luban Up in the other, and wearing a caftan (Warning sign #4)... OHMYGOSH! I've turned into an Arab!

I enjoy well made shawarma and I adore backlava. I've already begun to like Zaather, mutton and hummos. What will happen next... will I begin writing right to left, wearing toxic amounts of designer perfume or smoking hookah??? Stay tuned as I chronicle the process. Only time will tell.

Carol of Arabia, signing out.


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