Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Sickie Slumber Party

The Bird Flu may be preparing its attack on humanity, but here at Momma's house, the Hamster Flu has already struck. Hubby got sick with bronchitis, but he had his tickets so he flew off to Pakistan anyway. The next morning the visiting Mrs Abez, Owl and myself all woke up with the flu. We've been coughing, over-medicating and commiserating together for the past 4 days. Mrs. Abez is deemed too contagious to travel home and her in-laws are recuperating themselves so we have had her for a few more days.

I can't say it's not been fun. With our Abez back, it's been like a reunion of sorts. We tell funny stories and laugh until we go into coughing spasms. There's always a person willing to jump into the waterbed and join me for a group nap. Whenever anyone asks for ice cream there's always someone to second the notion and one person feeling the least sick at that moment to go out and get it.

Having three sick people in the house at the same time is like having three prima ballerinas in the same small dance troupe. Trying to get our over the counter medications has thoroughly confused our pharmacist; Mrs. Abez is expecting and can only take medications safe for her situation, Owl is asthmatic and needs syrups that will make her cough but not give her a coughing spasm. I hate all syrups and want my medicines in pill form only. We each want different juices, apple of Owl, cran-apple for Abez and orange-carrot for me. We each want different little treats that will perk us up. I brought home a can of jalapeno Pringles because sick people need excitement in their lives and the peppers are great for clearing the sinuses. Abez brought home some chocolate/coconut wafer cookies, and Owl contributed with blueberry Danish.

It's been like a girlie sleep over party with junk food and flu medicine. Today, I think we should all give each other manicures and facials.


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