Saturday, July 10, 2004

Well, my girls are on their way to the States for summer vacation, my boys (my son and his best friend from the States who is our house guest for the summer) are trekking in the mountains and I am an empty nester. That means there is not a single young person in the house to be technical assistant for the computer, mobile phone, digital camera or the TV cable connection. I think I will have a very low-tech lifestyle till they return since I am a beginner level operator of all the above mentioned gadgets. Even now as I am typing this blog, the program is doing things I don’t like, but don’t know how to change and I wonder will I even be able to post it myself. If you are reading this… you may assume woman have triumphed over machine.

The girls have been gone about 12 hours, not even enough time to reach their destination, and I miss them terribly. My daughters and I are very close. I wish I could say the same for my sons, but I think the gender gap prevents such the bonds that mothers and daughters share.

It’s weird to think that the clean house will stay that way. The beds will stay made, and the bedroom floors won’t be littered with shoes, socks and underwear. I know the basics, but have never done a real project. Once I get caught up with the laundry, the small amount of dirty clothes and towels generated by hubby and myself will seem like a joke. It’s obvious that housework won’t be enough to keep me busy. I’d better scour the bookshelves and get a stack of preferred books ready. I might even try my hand at some hobby work, like learning to crochet. I know the basics, but have never done a real project.

There are some positives of having the whole house to myself all day long. I don’t have to share anything from the computer to the workout machine to the hidden stockpile of chocolate in the deep freezer. I won’t be annoyed by the girls taking over the book I’m reading before I finish, or the boys robbing the bathroom of towels. These seem like cold comforts. I talk about being a loner, but maybe I’ve been surrounded by people so long I need their energy around me. This next week will be quite a test for me.

The quiet house and loneliness will be hardest on my husband. He truly is a people person. I expect he will throw himself into his work to compensate. That is one of the reasons I wanted him to open a restaurant. He has to have lots of people around to talk, laugh and joke with him. I realize I’m just too quiet to fulfil his needs for jovial society.

Well, this is a boring blog, but too bad. I can’t make it un-boring so the next best thing is to make it short.