Saturday, August 05, 2006

Owl Withdrawal Syndrome

I'm having Owl Withdrawal Syndrome. My Owlie-bird has flown the coop and has been spotted on her annual migration to America. While not having to feed the peckish Owl with her disdain for anything fattening, greasy or overly spicy has been nice, I miss her hugs. Where else can I get even without have to ask, a long, silent, soulful, heals-all-wounds hug?

I wandered around the house yesterday wishing for such a hug, wondering how my new roomie would respond to such a request. Roomie is a hugger. She quickly fell into the family habit of Sabbath Hugs where we exchange "Jumma Mubarak" (Friday Greetings) or "Shabbat Shalom" (Peace of the Sabbath) greetings when I return from Church every Friday. Buth this kind of hug seemed too personal.

I checked my email yesterday, hoping for an email from the elusive bird-girl, but none greated my weary eyes. I awoke this morning and rushed to the front door to check the newspaper. Owl said she would write her weekly column while she was on vacation. Sadly, the paper delivery is not consistant. (OR should I say, it's consistantly spotty.) So I popped into the internet cafe to check email and blogs for an Owl sighting. It's rather pathetic that a mother would have to get news and contact from her offspring from such public forums as the newspaper and internet.

So I close wishing all my reader Friday Hugs and leave an toll free Owl sighting number In case you spot her please call 1-800-owlie
or email me at