Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New places new faces

Sorry I've taken so long to update. I thought I could wait till we had our own Internet connection at home, but it's been too long. Now I have to come to an Internet cafe where the cockroaches own the computers and have been running out to chase typers away.

We have been in the United Arab Emirates for the past two months now. We're still getting settled in but it's almost complete now. All that's left is the arrival of our last shipment and then we'll have all the comforts of home crammed into a two bedroom apartment. It will be nice to have a stove again. But then I'll have no excuse for not cooking. :)

It seems very strange to be living in a big city again after being in tiny old Islamabad for five years. And we're in an elevator building, which took some getting used to. Instead of a view of the Margallah Hills - the foothills of the Himilayas - our morning view is the sun and shadow playing among the highrises.

Props and much gratitude to Knicq for all his help finding us an apartment, car, and our missing shipment. He has been truly a blessing.

It's great to have instant friends in a new place.