Thursday, November 04, 2004

Take me to your Leader, Leader, Leader

Take me to your Leader, Leader, Leader

Lately, there's been a lot of news about world leaders. You may have noticed, I'm not a politically active person, but here are my thoughts about MY leaders.

Leader #1: America has a reelected George W. He's supposed to be the leader of the greatest democratic nation in the world and the de facto "leader by example" of the other democratic world leaders, but he's just a dangerous man with a supposed "mandate." Four more years of world chaos are ahead. I'm ashamed to admit, I missed the deadline for absentee voting so I didn't get to vote for the Non-bush candidate of my choice, but I was proud to see that my state, Illinois, voted for Kerry.

Leader #2: With Bush remaining in office, his local puppet ruler, General Musharraf, is assured of America's support for his political shenanigans. He's a leader in every area: leader of a successful military coupe, leader of the military, and the bogusly elected "democratic" leader of the people of Pakistan. It just doesn't get any better than that. People complain about his military uniform and his retaining the position as head of the military while supposedly being the elected "President" of the country, maybe he should just have a special suit made, half fatigues, half pinstripes. A new formal title of "General-President" should consolidate his power.

Leader # 3: With the upcoming family move to the UAE, I try to follow the UAE news. Just recently my future leader, Sheik Somebody-or-Other, the much beloved head of the UAE died. This August was my first visit to the UAE. I saw the many HUGE posters of His Highness and the google of royal princes that decorate the landscape. I don't know who erected them, but let us assume that these larger-than-life size photos are the result of the love of the people, not the humongous ego of the royal family.

Hubby's next of kin in the UAE, the husband of his brother's sister-in-law or his niece/daughter-in-law's auntie (Aren't Pakistani families so convoluted?) worked for the Sheik. He was His Highness's 15,000th employee and drove the ambulance that followed the aged Sheik everywhere he went. He attests to the belovedness of the deceased Sheik. When we departed Abu Dhabi we were laden with gifts from the couple, lovingly placed in the same plastic shopping bags (high quality plastic with durable nylon handles) bearing the royal insignia that the beloved Sheik had filled with gifts for his beloved employees.

So there you have it. I'm rich with leaders.

1st: A trampler of the US Constitution and International Law.

2nd: An abuser of the people's trust and destroyer of democracy in Pakistan .

3rd: The dearly deceased desert potentate who bought popular support with progress and prosperity while keeping democracy far from the masses.

Like I said, I'm rich in leaders, but poor in leadership.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Fly me to the moon...

Fly me to the moon...

Just a guick update before the Owl wakes up and falls into the computer chair. (That's what she calls "going to work") Some people have it so easy.

I'm over the initial stage of caffiene withdrawal. I've remembered to drink more water so the headaches are fewer. I'm getting my "will to live" from fat burner pills. They have some caffiene, but also contain other energy boosters like ephedra, cinnamon, ginseng, etc. I know the ephedra isn't healthy, but I only take 2-3 pills per day max instead of the 8 pills a day allowed for weight loss. I tried that dosage once and I was trying to clean the basement while floating on the ceiling: WAY too much caffiene for this girl to handle.

Doorbell: I sign off the internet to conserve our rapidly depleting bandwidth allotment. I run upstairs to answer the door, only to find a beggar. ***

I'm also trying to exercize daily, even just for 30 minutes if that's all I can handle. This is so lame, before we moved to Pakistan I walked 3 miles per day and didn't miss a single day for over 1-1/2 years. Now after 4 years of being a lazy bum, I'm weaker and really out of shape.

Doorbell: Again I sign off and run upstairs to answer the door, only to find a beggar. I'm annoyed at the constant interruption. I wish we had a security camera at the bell, but know it's too costly. I consider putting the dog on the front veranda, but realize she would look through the gate and bark not only at beggars who rang my bell, but at every man woman and child who walked past the house. I remember a friend of ours whose father was an engineer. He rigged a two button system for their door bell with a note written in English explaining that you must press both buttons simultaneously in order to ring the bell. Beggars, who can't read English, press only one button and nothing happens.***

Well, the newly awakened Owlie is at my elbow saying, "I have to work. I dreamed about donut. It was a nice dream."

I'd better get to work. I've got laundry to do... by hand! My washing machine is busted again! It breaks everytime I try to wash blankets. My hubby gets mad at me and asks, "If I get the washing machine repaired, how long will it work till you break it again?" My reply: "Till I have to wash the blankets." Vicious cycle. I'll count my laundry as my upper body workout and give myself a star on my chart.

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Blogger Block

I'm sorry this week's blog has been so lame. I've thought to update several times, but could think of nothing to write about. The dreaded Blogger Block has struck!

I've been trying to cut Diet Pepsi out of my life. I use Pespi to give me pep because I have a medical condition that gives me chronic low-energy, but I know how very unhealthy it is. I cut out the 1-1/2 litres of Pepsi per day, but I forgot to increase my water (ugh) intake and the result is dehydration. (ouch) I've had a 3 daylong headache and I'm tired all the time. So much for trying to get healthy. I'm ready to fall face first into a 1-1/2 litre bottle of Pepsi and not stop till I hit the bottom.

I didn't join NaNoWriMo for 2 reasons. First because I didn't get a second computer set up. Owlie works from home and has the computer from morning till noonish. I work in the afternoons and evenings so I wouldn't get much computer time with only one computer in the house. We have parts of another computer, a CPU and a keyboard, but no monitor. Second, I don't think I could turn an unfinished short story into a 50,000 word novel. They should offer a 25,000 word Novella catagory. Well, so much for excuses.

Sunday hugs for all of Blogistan and Happy Halloween to all the Americans out there. We'll see if my fasting family goes for the fusion event I recommended a few blogs back, where the fasters ring the doorbell at Iftar time and yell, "Time to eat!" instead of "Trick or Treat". I wonder if they are game for it. I'd better get some mini candy bars just in case.

Well, if they give awards for Best Boring Blog, I win. I just wanted you all to know I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about my blog. I'm just brain dead.:(

Gonna go take two pills and a nap. Bye-bye