Friday, August 18, 2006

Botched Sabbath

It's been a good day, but a bad Sabbath.

Let me explain. Last night I asked the Roomie if she wanted dropped off at the Mall to meet Abez and do some Dubai shopping and sight-seeing at the Mall of the Emirates while I was at church. She agreed that it sounded like a good outing. Because of the extra driving involved, I tried to leave early and decided to drive the Toyota instead of the Civic. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough gas in the Toyota so we had to buy gas. (Violation of Sabbath rule #1: No spending of money so that people don't have to work.) When Roomie asked if I wanted my favorite cold soda, I didn't refuse.

Then I arrived 15 minutes late for church because I under estimated the travel time. Instead of setting in the Sacrament service, I spent the time cuing the video I needed to show in my class. I missed all the Sacrament speakers, although I did arrive in time to take the sacrament. (Small favors)

After church, I met Abez and Roomie at the Mall and was relieved that although our meeting point was Baskin Robbins, no one offered me ice cream, which I admit I am powerless to resist. (only honorable behavior of the day) I got Sabbath hugs from Roomie and saw Abez's much bruised up knee and Babyface's first bruise from the car crash that they were involved in yesterday. See Abez'z blog for further details.

Considering lunch options on the way home, made me realize we had no food cooked and I had used the last of the bread for breakfast. Since I had already violated my Sabbath, I martyred myself and went to buy bread from the bakers. (It would be embarrassing to tell Roomie that we were out of bread) Of course, never send a hungry person to the bakers and expect them to stick to just a loaf of bread. I adopted a "in of a penny, in for a pound" attitude and bought little piazzas and eclairs along with the bread.

Then, to seal my transgressions further, after lunch I proposed a road trip to the next city/country/Emirate, Um Al Qwain. Roomie has been talking about moving into her own apartment there and I thought if I showed her what a shabby hole in the wall town it was, she would reconsider.

Then of course a road trip needs sodas and Roomie didn't miss a beat when I suggested a stop at an Omani sweet shop, telling her that since she liked Turkish Delight she would like Omani sweets too. (I'm soooo considerate. I didn't mention that I adore Omani sweets myself, did I?)

The point of this blog is to admit to myself that once you violate your standards, a snowball effect starts and it's hard to stop. Each descression was small, but made the next one easier and easier. Altogether they took their toll add up to one thoroughly botched Sabbath with me using the people around me as a buffer or excuse to do things I shouldn't and don't normally do.

Bad form.