Monday, July 19, 2004

I missed my usual Sunday blog, but I'll tell you about my day anyway.
I saw two unusual things on my way to and from Church yesterday. On the way, there was a large herd of buffalo crossing the road.  That's not too unusual, except that I wasn't on a boarder road, I was almost at 10th Avenue.  It was a large herd and as I approached I thought I should just stop and wait them out, but a Suzuki Van coming from the other direction honked, and headed into the herd, sending them scurrying.  I thought, "If I wait here, some idiot will sent the beasts slamming into my tiny car." so I mossied my way gently through. 
On the way home, interestingly at nearly the same spot on the same road, I saw an act of reckless abandon I had never see before.  I'm used to young men hanging off the top and backs of busses, but down the road, hurtling at full speed, came towards me a taxi packed with young men inside and two young men, holding hands over the top, hanging on the outside of the taxi, swinging their legs out into traffic, having a wonderful time.  No part of their bodies was inside the taxi, by holding hands, they had draped their bodies across the top and were totally outside the taxi.  If one of them lost his grip they would both be thrown into traffic at quite a speed, but they weren't even holding on with both hands, only one!!!   Obviously they were having the time of their lives. 
Oleg update:  Oleg is much more a home body than my son will ever be.  While Zaman runs around visiting old friends, playing basketball, etc, Oleg is home on the computer (watching movies or listening to music) , studying his Japanese or reading Stephen Hawkings' writings on the internet.  He's pretty bored here.  Today the boys are supposed to join the gym in our plaza.  I wonder if they really will do it this time... they've talked about it since the day they got here, but haven't got around to it yet.  Zaman wants to teach him how to drive the motorcycle, but Oleg isn't excited about that.  He doesn't even drive a car, so I think he finds a motorcycle is a pretty intimidating idea.