Sunday, July 16, 2006

Carol the Sand Crab

Last week I was horrified to discover that my blog tag boards have been overwhelmed by nasty people proposing nasty things. Wow, nothing is safe in this day and age of mass corruption. So... I called AbezTech Support and got the offending comments removed and vowed to keep my blog looking alive. A lame weekly entry is my punny goal, so here I go.

I'm sitting in my local internet cafe. It's early afternoon. I just returned from a wonderful afternoon at the beach. Sun and sand, enough for everyone. Instead of stopping at the house for a quick shower, I dived right into the cafe to check my mail. I still have sand in every bodily crevice, my hair is standing straight up in a sandy mohawk. My face is covered with a fine layer of sand. I'm hoping it gives me a porceline effect like Monet(?) used to seek in his models, but lets face it... that's just wishful thinking. I'm lucky if they don't kick me and my sandy butt outta here.

I do love living near the ocean. The locals consider the evening as prime beach time so in the heat of the noonday Arabian sun, the beach is all mine! The expression "Mad dogs and Englishmen" always comes to mind, but since I'm not British, I must be a mad dog. ark ark. I do have a lovely tan to show for my efforts. Even though the temps hit 40, the beach is breazy. The water and waves and wind are always relaxing and envigorating at the same time. I don't believe in all that horiscope crap but I am a water sign and it's obvious.

Carol the Sand Crab; signing out.