Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where's the Pied Piper of Hamlin when you need him?

Can you guess by my desperate question that we have MORE hamster babies? Large Hulking Son made the discovery late last night. Now the original two hamsters brought into the house by Owl and LHS in October have multiplied and multiplied again. The original two had 6 babies. I found homes for two of them and then we had 6 adult hamsters which we tried to separate by gender into two separate cages. Somehow, there as a serious error in gender identification and a male was put into the female cage by mistake.

Last month another batch was born. Six of the eight survived making a total of 12.

Last night we noticed another batch of newborn babies, again 6, giving us a total of 18!!!

Help! Help!! HELP x18!!!

Apartment wise: Today the new apartment got water and electricity! We are ready to complete the move! Yeah!!! Even my beloved water bed is up and ready thanks to my hard working Husband. I soooo want to be there right now, but we have to wait till the morning. We just have to move the electrical stuff, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, water cooler, our mattresses and small amount of clothes, computer table and kitchen table and chairs. Everything else is already at the Ajman apartment and ready.

Today we worked in the apartment later than usual since we had electricity and we were treated to a beautiful panoramic view of sunset over Sharjah. It was georgious.
I'm loving this place and I think I could love being a high-rise dweller.

I'm still a little nervous about being in a high-rise. Every time my chair jiggles I think it is the beginning of an earthquake. It will take me a little while to feel secure on the 16th floor. It also feels like I'm being a snob when I meet new people in the elevator and they tell me which apartment they live in and I say we are on the top floor. I've never been a snooty "one-upmanship" kind of person but that's what it feels like.

Congratulations: Everyone who has read this page will now be rewarded with an adorable hamster. Just leave your mailing address in the comment box and a live hamster will arrive postage due via airmail in just a few days!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Apartment Update and Call for Prayers

I'm I love with my new apartment!!!

We just moved our stuff in two days ago and yesterday Husband and I spent the day assembling and try to arrange the furniture. All the stuff that was crammed into the Sharjah apartment now looks great spread out in this much larger apartment. The place looks great already, except for mountains of boxes stacked everywhere.

We are heading back again today to continue the work.

I can't wait till we get electricity and can make the move complete.

A sad note: Yesterday, on the way back to Sharjah from the apartment we saw a woman get hit by a taxi while trying to cross the road. Husband was driving and watched as the woman trying to cross a busy road. She was going forward and backward to avoid an oncoming taxi. Unfortunately, the taxi driver was also going back and forth in the lanes to try to avoid her but ended up hitting her at a very high speed. I turned and looked in time to see her fly 8 feet straight up into the air and land on the taxi hood just as we passed on the other side of the divided road. It was horrifying!!! I'd never seen anything like that and Husband who as a taxi driver in Chicago for nearly 25 years hadn't either. We stopped and phoned the police.

Please pray for that poor woman. I read the newspaper this morning hoping to find word of her condition, but the papers reported nothing.

Divided roads with no pedestrian crossings, heavy and fast traffic make UAE a leader in pedestrian fatalities.