Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reporting from Ajman...

Well, almost.

Really, I'm visiting at Abez's house in Dubai. We have been in the Ajman condo for three weeks now and are loving it. It's huge, absolutely palatial compared to our previous rental apartment in Sharjah. It's so delightful to see my furniture properly spaced out instead of crammed in wall-to-wall.

We also love Ajman. It's much poorer than Super-LUXURY Dubai and even Middle-Class Sharjah. It reminds us of Pakistan, but with western fast food and western style malls. We enjoy its small size and uncrowded roads. It's much more Arab than Dubai or Sharjah.

This will be a very short update till our own phone and internet lines are connected in a couple of weeks. Till then, you are on your own.

Just a quick Hamster update: I had a hamster give-a-way at the school where I work and got rid of all the adult hamsters but two males (lets hope) The mom and her babies are ready to separate and I'll host Hamster Give-a-Way: The LAST Generation soon.