Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Down, but not Out

I'm trying to blog, but this is a lame attempt. The flu/food poisioning that knocked me off my feet last week, still has lingering effects. I'm so sick and tired, I still have two of the three candy bars Doctor Chai dropped off and a Magnum Bar(Pakistan's attempt to copy the Dove Bar) in the freezer for three days now.

I'm feeling all the energy of a dead dog. I'm languishing away, but I maintain that there's nothing a doctor could do for me. I've got messed up guts and it's just going to take time to repopulate my intestions with the natural flora and fauna that make normal digestion possible. I'm eating yeast powder, yogart and bananas, so I am trying. In my waking hours (and they are very few), I shuffle around the house pretending to do light housework. A little picking up here, a little putting away there. That's about all I can manage. When I have to leave the house to teach American, I load up with an elephant sized dose of anti-diarrheal pills and shuffle out the house. A few hours later, I return and drop, exausted into bed.

My hubby is contantly feeling my head, declaring I have a fever (which I don't) and trying to drag me off to the doctor. I went once and have used up my self-imposed limit of one doctor's visit per illness. Last night Abez tried to entice me to go out for ice-cream. I saw right through her feeble attempt to get me within dragging range of the doctor's office. On the dinning table this morning I saw a scrap of paper with my weight divided by three, and a diaghram on how to carry me out to the car and into the doctor's office. (Abez and Owl take a leg each and Hubby gets the head.) They don't think I know, but I do. I've filled my pockets with rocks and hid the keys to the car. They'll never take me alive!!!

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Give Generously, Give Wisely

In following Blogger SophyQ's advice to dedicate a blog to the victims of the tsunami, I encoundered this info at Big White Guy's blog.


"Please remember the lessons of past natural calamities: Latur earthquake in 1993, Orissa cyclone in 1999 and the massive earthquake that shook Gujarat in 2001. Sectarian groups in the guise of non profits have swooped in on these areas engulfed in tragedy (funded in large part by unsuspecting donors in the US) and established their presence in the grief-stricken communities on the pretext of providing relief. Not only did this lead to unequal disbursement of relief among various communities, but it also caused further fracturing of these struggling communities along lines of caste and religion."

Please give wisely and carefully to agencies with proven records of assisting all the victims in the area regardless of race, caste or religion.