Thursday, May 27, 2004

Well, shopping is nearly finished... Some of my latest purchases are:
* jelly beans (2 kinds)
* handy-dandy drinker attachment so my doggy can drink water at demand from the tap
(love my doggy)
* a variety of unmentionables in both pretty and practical versions
* 2005 Christian calendar for myself and one as a gift
(I was soooo excited to see this in come in at work, that I bought the first 2 purchased.)

I've also been giving a lot of thought to my appearance. I want to look good for my hubby I haven't seen in almost a year. I decided my hair with it's faded color and outgrown cut needed spruced up. I got a perm and now I look like a trained giant poodle walking upright. It's very sad. I have questioned my husband to find out if he truly loves me, and my icky permed hair. He claims he does and he plans to make the day of our reunion an international holiday for international marriages.

Now my biggest worry is to shop for my travel suit. I have to be extremely cautious... a poor clothes choice combined with my bad perm will make me look like a clown... Hey, wait a minute.... I may be on to something. Maybe I can book my self on the flight and let them pay me instead of me paying them.

"Hello, this is Carol the Clown. I'm your in-flight entertainment. I'll be working my way through the plane creating balloon animals for all the children."

Wow, that's ingenious!

IF my hubby unites with me even when I'm looking so bad, the world deserves an International Holiday fro International Marriages.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Well, I'm bloggin' so it must be Sunday. Sunday hugs to all. I've just returned form church where I said my farewells and got everyone's prayers and best wishes for a safe trip.
I've been shopping like mad and next comes the task of cramming it all to 2 seventy pound suitcases. I already know it's an impossibility. I'm planning to commandeer one of my son's suitcases and even one of his friend Oleg's suitcases if he comes too. So I'm hoping for 4 suitcases. That should be enough.

What are some of the stranger things I've bought...

Just as a hungry dieter should never shop for groceries, a tired, frustrated flower gardener should never be left alone in the Walmart garden section. After I have drooled over all the potted plants I know I can't have, I then hit the flower seed display. I pick two of all the perennials, about 20 packages and while still in a future flower induced daze with visions of wonderful lawn and garden floating in my head, I pay for them. Later, when the daze has faded I realize I have enough flower seeds to garden an entire sector of Islamabad.

Just as I can't be trusted alone in the garden section... Shoes are another obsession. I hit the Walmart and basically buy ever shoe that fits my foot. It sad, but at least there is a reason for my madness. I wear a size 10 Wide in America and the biggest shoes in Pakistan are size 9-average. I can hang my heal off the back of sandals, but I can't squeeze my foot into a pump. Shoe shopping in Pakistan makes me feel like Cinderella's evil step-Mother trying to squeeze here foot into the glass slippers.

I do need a new bread knife to replace the one my hubby used as a tool and broke. This is a serious mistake he makes every few years. I give him such a hard time over it that it amazes me that he continues to make the mistake... but he does. Go figure. Well, it gets me mad, but it's not an unpardonable sin, so every so often, I get new expensive knives. Maybe I should buy him his own knives to use and abuse as saws, screwdrivers and wedges and he will leave mine alone.

I still have more shopping ahead of me this week, but hopefully vitamins and underwear don't fall into the category of dangerous obsessions.